Monday, June 17, 2013

Free printable Welcome Banner

My friend recently gave birth to a very cute baby boy (their second son) and I made a welcome banner for him, I posted it in his hospital room with two blue flower pompoms. It was beautiful I think. Of course I love my own..hehe! It's very easy to do, I searched for free printable welcome banner online ( which is so plenty) downloaded and printed it and viola! What a nice way to welcome a new baby di ba?

Here's the link .

I prefer this one because it's easy to make plus you can change the letters and the font if you want.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Paper Decorations: Rosettes or medallions

These are really nice decorations and they come very cheap.

To create them:

I used ordinary colored paper which you can buy at any bookstore.

Most of them are 8 x 11 size (like bond papers).

You just fold them accordion type (horizontal) and then fold again in the middle (which gives you a paper fan,.

Make another three and then put them all together. For the center part, I just cut out another paper then hot glued it.

Tie a ribbon or nylon at your last piece and then hang it!

You can also just put it against the wall.

 Very pretty no?