Thursday, August 9, 2012

Baby shower party theme ideas

I'm organizing a bay shower party for my sister in law who is due to give birth on November. How I wish I am organizing mine but well since it's not our time yet I am so happy to be doing this for them.

Once we did a soccer/football baby shower for a friend and the rest of the baby showers I went to are all general baby shower so I am thinking of a theme right now.

The dad is into music and he play drums in their band so I can go with that;

A MUSICAL BABY SHOWER? I can make games that are all related into music.

What do you think of an invitation that looks like this?
image source :

or it can be a TRAVEL BABY SHOWER THEME (as the wedding theme of this couple is travel)

this is an inspiration board made by a creative mom / source:
I do not know though if i can execute something as cute as that but maybe I can be inspired and who knows what you can do when you are inspired. But I like the travel theme idea :) 

And also another idea (if it's a boy-I will know probably later this month) It can also be SPORTS BABY SHOWER THEME which I don't mind because it's very common and after all the Dad is also into Basketball.
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But then I can give the sport theme a little twist as it also OLYMPIC year might as well make an OLYMPIC BABY SHOWER.. What do you think?

I can make the colorss of the Olympic as the color motif and then incorporate some olympic stuf fin the games :D

I still have at least  month to prepare. I'll post of course if what theme I pick but most likely-it will be  a travel theme party :) After all we all like to travel,  don't we?