Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fun House Party Packages-Harrison Plaza

We recently inquired for their birthday packages and here's what I've got;
FUN HOUSE package
For 20 kids - 5,000.00
For 30 kids - 6,000.00
For 40 kids - 7,000.00
Party Hats
Name Tag
Balloon on Stick
Game prizes
Party Host/Attendant
Appearance of "CLOWNIE" mascot
Tokens - x2 of what you reserved (if you reserved 20 then you'll get 40 tokens)
Fun House Cake
Free use of the party venue (with simple decor)
With sound system
LCD projector and screen
Chairs and Tables
Now if you upgrade it to super fun party you'll add 3,800.00 for 20 kids, 4,800 for 30 and 5,800 for 40 kids
and you'll get these;
Special decors
Personalized signature frame
Play all you can for all the kids and or 1 hour free play for inflatable or you can divide the number of your kids to both.

They have an on going promo, if you book this September, you'll get free 2 hours face painting.


For 20 kids - 6,500.00
For 30 kids - 7,500.00
for 40 kids - 8,500.00
You get the same inclusion with the fun house package but I think everything will be in accordance to your theme.(e.g Dora, sponge bob, etc.)

FOR INQUIRIES you may call them at 528-4787 or you can visit their multiply site. here's the link ;

My friend booked her son's 1st birthday party here so let's see how they will deliver. Will let you know :)

                                     (this was the party decor when we visited them last Saturday)

images credit : from fun house multiply site

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