Saturday, March 19, 2011

A jollibee birthday party

For a party that the kids will surely enjoy, you can never go wrong with Jollibee. A very good friend who now resides in the US went home to visit last December and they also celebrated their kids' birthday party here. And they love Jollibee so much so they had 2 Jollibee parties. One was from Luneta or Kalaw branch.

For a more colorful and lively jollibee party, you just have to add balloons, we made the balloon columns above and we also put ceiling balloons, it looks more jolly :) I think you can also bring your own theme, if you do not want any of the Birthday theme being offered. Their themes are Jollitown, Transformers and My bestfriend Jollibee. The staff from Luneta made a very nice dance presentation, everyone loved that! But the one from Cash and Carry Store where they had the second party did not have any dance at all. Here are some of the Cash and carry branch pictures;

and the backdrop isn't good also, and the game master  in Luneta is far better the one from cash and Carry.

But still, all the kids had fun!!
If you have only few guest, let say 50, you won't spend that much here. My estimate would be at around less than 15,000.00. All the party stuff (loot bags, name tags, balloons on stick, game prize) included.

To have a comprehensive look and plan your jollibee party, visit their website or you can click here.

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