Thursday, July 19, 2012

Simple Flower Balloon

I am not too satisfied with these balloons because when we made this, we were pressed with time and there has been so much work going on. But in the end, it still added some cheers at the party. It is always nice to have balloons in your party place, it makes the place livelier.

Pink and purple flower balloon for a Barbie party.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Barbie Cake from Red Ribbon

Little girls will always be fascinated with Barbie and at one pint of their life will want a Barbie party. My niece had one when she was 7 (see her barbie cake here) and recently a friend's daughter celebrated her first birthday party in Jollibee with Barbie as her theme.

We opted not to get the cake that was included in the package because it's very generic (though the design is barbie) and we I wanted a more personalized cake. We went to Red Ribbon (their cake supplier) and to our surprise, the price difference is not that significant if you get it from them (to think you'll have your cake personalized pa)

Here's what the mom (my friend) chose for her daughter Ziah.

Not bad for Php 1,100 pesos right?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

DIY luminaries

We did this for a friend;s wedding last April 2011. So perfect for a dinner reception and in a garden setting. Materials needed:
popsicle sticks
japanese paper
glue stick
votive candles
glass candle holder

I reget that I wasn't able to take pictures while we are doing these but as you can see in the pictures below, you have to make 4 panels. You'll need 4 sticks for one panel (formed like a frame) then cover it with your japanese paper. Put together all the 4 panels and you're done.

7th birthday party @Eurotel Makati

One of the most beautiful decors I've ever made :) I love the stick name and the pompoms. This was last 2010, I didn't know that it's been in the draft page of this blog eversince :) thus I only get to publish it now.