Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pink Dessert Buffet

I found this very nice dessert buffet from and I will get inspiration from here. I'm making a dessert buffet for our godchild's dedication on the 23rd. I'll post picture of mine after and let's see how I'd fare with that one :)

here's what I have in my mind :)

white table cloth with pink silk ribbon
pink chocolate fondue
pink marsh mallows
pink gelatin
pink juice (strawberry flavor)
pink cupcakes
and I am hoping I can find cheap pink candy canes or lollies

I'm excited!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ref Magnet-Acrylic

This is a good souvenir or give aways or wedding favors  and if you do it your self (DIY) it will only cost you less than thirty pesos.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

DIY personalized table napkin cum placecard

I bought natural table napkins, folded it into rectangle shape, cut strips of board paper (around 1 1/2 inch) I inserted the table napkin and I pasted the names which I printed also in a board paper. It would be easier though if you just print it on a sticker paper. :) I just personalizing things and it served as the guest placecard too!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Baby Shower : Football Theme

We did this baby shower for  my friend last year.And because her husband is a big fan of football and since they are having a baby boy, we decided to have that theme for the baby shower. Here are the details of the party :)

For the venue decor, w had blue balloons all over the place, and we also had the poster of Paul the Octopus who was very famous then among football fans.

I made a paper bib that has the world cup logo in it. I printed it in an oslo paper, it served as our name tags and guests wore it the whole duration of the party.

That's a close up look of the image I used. It was also used as bib for the "cerelac eating game" Cerelac is a local brand for baby food (like gerber). That was a fun game!

I also made towel lollies as favors for the guests :) here's the step by step of my DIY towel lollies

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Review : Fun House Harrison Plaza

For Fun House party packages, click here.

The ceiling

~I remember we told the AE from Funhouse to use mostly green color (balloons and for the cloth) but there was no green there :(

~When we got to the place, they were still setting up the chairs and tables and it was already 4:30 PM, the party starts at 5 PM. I asked the girl why and she said "it's usually the caterer's job". The problem is we brought our own caterer and we did not ask them to provide chairs and tables since they're included in the venue so all along the fun house staff (which by the way -were only 2) are expecting our caterer will set that up. Us, on the other hand expected that they are the one responsible for that. Anyways, we still started on time as we helped the only guy (from fun house) left in the function room  in setting up the chairs and tables.

~ I think they lack people to man the function room for the event. They should have assigned at least one or two to stay there during the whole party. At one point I even had to go to the office to call their attention for something.

~ I would still recommend them though because they are not as expensive as others. And it's a plus that the venue comes with the sound system and LCD projector.

here are more pictures from my friends party :)

Birthday Banner at the venue entrance
Clownie the Mascot
and below is the Clown/Magician/Host
 The inflatable
You can view picture of lootbags here .
Hope I was able to help those who are planning their kids party!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Angry Birds Tattoo

Taken in the recent birthday party I attended, and take note angry birds was not even the theme. Kids are so fascinated with these angry birds!

Funhouse Lootbags

These were the loot bags from the fun house party package, Not bad for the price, inside were some school stuff, pencils and sticker, my friend decided to add those colorful swirl toys)

You can actually have this loot bag and will not cost you that much. Just buy brown paper bag (for cheaper one, you can opt to have those without handle) Print / design your own thank you card in stickers and again for cheaper option, pritn it in a white bond paper then cut and paste in to your paper bag!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pink.Princess.7th Birthday Party

I'm so happy, my husband and I were able to execute this. Don't you think it is pretty?

and these hanging decors are so cute! I saw this  from a mall :) I made smaller versions and different color
and the wish tree! greetings and wishes written on pink ribbons!!
I enjoy doing this party because we made it for a very special person too!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Disney Birthday!

This was last August :) we made some table centerpiece and ceiling balloons.

  and balloon pillars too for less than a thousand pesos :)


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thinking of Angry birds party?

I am seeing a lot of angry birds item everywhere, last night when we  went to a mall there's this tore that displays huge collections of angry birds as in the store is full of angry birds items from bags to stuff toys and a lot more.

This craze is brought about by the popularity of angry birds game. Now don't be surprised if a lot of moms and kids out there are having angry birds party theme. With the availability of items everywhere, why not?

And if you're planning an angry birds theme here's what I've been seeing over the net, maybe you can get ideas from here: images were all sourced from google and not mine.


                                                   (this is made by a certain Jomer Salas)
                               (This I got from a wordpress blog : Sabrina and she makes cakes too!)

                                                      (this is from smart parenting site)

Have fun preparing for angry birds party!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fun House Party Packages-Harrison Plaza

We recently inquired for their birthday packages and here's what I've got;
FUN HOUSE package
For 20 kids - 5,000.00
For 30 kids - 6,000.00
For 40 kids - 7,000.00
Party Hats
Name Tag
Balloon on Stick
Game prizes
Party Host/Attendant
Appearance of "CLOWNIE" mascot
Tokens - x2 of what you reserved (if you reserved 20 then you'll get 40 tokens)
Fun House Cake
Free use of the party venue (with simple decor)
With sound system
LCD projector and screen
Chairs and Tables
Now if you upgrade it to super fun party you'll add 3,800.00 for 20 kids, 4,800 for 30 and 5,800 for 40 kids
and you'll get these;
Special decors
Personalized signature frame
Play all you can for all the kids and or 1 hour free play for inflatable or you can divide the number of your kids to both.

They have an on going promo, if you book this September, you'll get free 2 hours face painting.


For 20 kids - 6,500.00
For 30 kids - 7,500.00
for 40 kids - 8,500.00
You get the same inclusion with the fun house package but I think everything will be in accordance to your theme.(e.g Dora, sponge bob, etc.)

FOR INQUIRIES you may call them at 528-4787 or you can visit their multiply site. here's the link ;

My friend booked her son's 1st birthday party here so let's see how they will deliver. Will let you know :)

                                     (this was the party decor when we visited them last Saturday)

images credit : from fun house multiply site

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Disney birthday party -tarpauline backdrop

Another godson of ours was dedicated to the Lord along with the celebration of his first birthday party last August 06,2011.

I helped the mom in preparation, the theme was all disney characters, initially, the mom wanted a styro backdrop, we saw a lot of designs from many different party shops (which is so gorgeous and nice!) but the price is gorgeous too! (read: cost is up to ceiling) so we didn't push through with it. I suggested a tarpaulin backdrop as this will not cost her an arm and a leg and she agreed and asked us to design it. My husband did a good job if I may say so :)

we also did the balloon decors, but I still don't have the pictures right now. I love the balloon centerpiece we did with mickey's head :) Once I have the picture I'll post it asap.

Monday, August 1, 2011

DIY Flower Balloon Arc

We've been doing balloon arc but this was our first time to try the flower balloon arch which I think is perfect for a girl's birthday party. It's not as easy as the simple balloon column but not as tough as I expected it to be. The husband learned it in no time ( I googled and saw a you tube demo) and we started from there. I have to give it up for my husband who has no formal training in balloon decorating at all :)

I will ask him to make a demo from first step to the last and post it here so others can do it too. I hope you visit from time to time and check :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Eurotel : Function Room

We recently did a venue decor here for 7th birthday party, The function room can accommodate at least 150 persons but it is an L type which most people don't like. I heard from my friend though who booked the venue that it is quite affordable considering the food that is quite good. For 100 people they were quoted 30,000 pesos but they paid more because their guests exceeded. If I am not mistaken they served 4 main dish, soup, rice and a dessert.

It's located along Pasong Tamo corner Pasay Road, in front of Waltermart, I think guest will not have a very hard time locating it. Both are major roads and busy streets with lots of establishment and some metal buildings along the area.

But I did have a small problem with the head waiter whom I found so rude (he refused to change the table cover and chair ribbon from blue to pink which is the color motiff of the event).

Anyways, here are some of the pictures of the venue.

You can see more pictures at my rocks daily blog.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Another Jollibee Party

And this was for a girl, see? a Jollibee party will be more lively if you get to add more balloon decors. We made this for a friend I met online. And actually reminds me that we haven't seen them for quite sometime now :).

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A jollibee birthday party

For a party that the kids will surely enjoy, you can never go wrong with Jollibee. A very good friend who now resides in the US went home to visit last December and they also celebrated their kids' birthday party here. And they love Jollibee so much so they had 2 Jollibee parties. One was from Luneta or Kalaw branch.

For a more colorful and lively jollibee party, you just have to add balloons, we made the balloon columns above and we also put ceiling balloons, it looks more jolly :) I think you can also bring your own theme, if you do not want any of the Birthday theme being offered. Their themes are Jollitown, Transformers and My bestfriend Jollibee. The staff from Luneta made a very nice dance presentation, everyone loved that! But the one from Cash and Carry Store where they had the second party did not have any dance at all. Here are some of the Cash and carry branch pictures;

and the backdrop isn't good also, and the game master  in Luneta is far better the one from cash and Carry.

But still, all the kids had fun!!
If you have only few guest, let say 50, you won't spend that much here. My estimate would be at around less than 15,000.00. All the party stuff (loot bags, name tags, balloons on stick, game prize) included.

To have a comprehensive look and plan your jollibee party, visit their website or you can click here.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Barbie Birthday Cake and Cupcake

This was from my niece's 7th birthday two years ago. She loves Barbie and we had a barbie Party for her. To say hat she's happy is an understatement because she was overly happy that day.

I loved the party too :) Simple and oh so girly pink..