Thursday, August 18, 2011

Disney birthday party -tarpauline backdrop

Another godson of ours was dedicated to the Lord along with the celebration of his first birthday party last August 06,2011.

I helped the mom in preparation, the theme was all disney characters, initially, the mom wanted a styro backdrop, we saw a lot of designs from many different party shops (which is so gorgeous and nice!) but the price is gorgeous too! (read: cost is up to ceiling) so we didn't push through with it. I suggested a tarpaulin backdrop as this will not cost her an arm and a leg and she agreed and asked us to design it. My husband did a good job if I may say so :)

we also did the balloon decors, but I still don't have the pictures right now. I love the balloon centerpiece we did with mickey's head :) Once I have the picture I'll post it asap.

Monday, August 1, 2011

DIY Flower Balloon Arc

We've been doing balloon arc but this was our first time to try the flower balloon arch which I think is perfect for a girl's birthday party. It's not as easy as the simple balloon column but not as tough as I expected it to be. The husband learned it in no time ( I googled and saw a you tube demo) and we started from there. I have to give it up for my husband who has no formal training in balloon decorating at all :)

I will ask him to make a demo from first step to the last and post it here so others can do it too. I hope you visit from time to time and check :)