Saturday, October 22, 2011

Review : Fun House Harrison Plaza

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The ceiling

~I remember we told the AE from Funhouse to use mostly green color (balloons and for the cloth) but there was no green there :(

~When we got to the place, they were still setting up the chairs and tables and it was already 4:30 PM, the party starts at 5 PM. I asked the girl why and she said "it's usually the caterer's job". The problem is we brought our own caterer and we did not ask them to provide chairs and tables since they're included in the venue so all along the fun house staff (which by the way -were only 2) are expecting our caterer will set that up. Us, on the other hand expected that they are the one responsible for that. Anyways, we still started on time as we helped the only guy (from fun house) left in the function room  in setting up the chairs and tables.

~ I think they lack people to man the function room for the event. They should have assigned at least one or two to stay there during the whole party. At one point I even had to go to the office to call their attention for something.

~ I would still recommend them though because they are not as expensive as others. And it's a plus that the venue comes with the sound system and LCD projector.

here are more pictures from my friends party :)

Birthday Banner at the venue entrance
Clownie the Mascot
and below is the Clown/Magician/Host
 The inflatable
You can view picture of lootbags here .
Hope I was able to help those who are planning their kids party!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Angry Birds Tattoo

Taken in the recent birthday party I attended, and take note angry birds was not even the theme. Kids are so fascinated with these angry birds!

Funhouse Lootbags

These were the loot bags from the fun house party package, Not bad for the price, inside were some school stuff, pencils and sticker, my friend decided to add those colorful swirl toys)

You can actually have this loot bag and will not cost you that much. Just buy brown paper bag (for cheaper one, you can opt to have those without handle) Print / design your own thank you card in stickers and again for cheaper option, pritn it in a white bond paper then cut and paste in to your paper bag!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pink.Princess.7th Birthday Party

I'm so happy, my husband and I were able to execute this. Don't you think it is pretty?

and these hanging decors are so cute! I saw this  from a mall :) I made smaller versions and different color
and the wish tree! greetings and wishes written on pink ribbons!!
I enjoy doing this party because we made it for a very special person too!!